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Self-Evolving Database for Pure DApps

Github Private Sale Introduction White Paper (Technology)

Private Sale

1. PepperDB is now open for private sale.

2. Residents from China and U.S. cannot participant.

3. Please contact us (``) for more information about this private sale.

What is「PepperDB」

「PepperDB」 is a decentralized database for PURE DApps. It provides SQL/NoSQL compatible protocol which allows developers to build decentralized applications with existing tech stack and deploy them with no pains.

「PepperDB」 uses on-chain and off-chain mixed technology to achieve both high availability and storage capacity.

Product Milestones

  • Milestone 1

    Finish PepperDB's core engine PepperKV(A blockchain based storage engine)

  • Milestone 2

    Integrate a basic SQL/NoSQL layer on our PepperKV and finish the first PoC version PepperDB

  • Milestone 3

    Launch PepperDB test network, start building our developer community around the world.

  • Milestone 4

    Launch main network, build several third-party data center around the world.

  • Milestone 5

    Launch the first group of decentralized applications

「PepperDB Token」


Exchange Market

PepperDB Token will be listed on several exchange markets, you can buy our token whenever you want.


Storage Provider Reward

Data / DApp node providers can get paid by developers who stored data on their machine.


Sell you DApp in our DApp Store

We will provide a pure DApp economic which leads users to leave traditional centralized servers.

Token Description

1. The initial amount of the PDT is 100 million.

2. 5 million more each year after mainnet launch.

3. 40% of all tokens will be used as fundraising.

4. Tokens could be used to rent storage or buy DApps.


Why BlockChain Database

Decentralized applications are rising, some developers want to secure their users' information and some others want to improve the efficiency of their business.

But, DApp developers found they can't create any complicated application under current blockchain technology, because the poor performance, storage capacity and the learning curve.

PepperDB leverage the existing central database technology into blockchain and support SQL/NoSQL schema, which can power most of those blockchain scenarios, makes the blockchain world a better place!


Roy Guo (Co-Founder)

Master of Tsinghua University
Ex-Baidu & Ex-Google Engineer
Managing Director of China Cloud System Pioneer Stratgic Alliance
Co-Founder of Terark

Sean Fu (Co-Founder)

Co-Founder of Terark
MBA of Tsinghua University
Ex-Yahoo/Microsoft/Zynga Engineer
Y Combinator W17 Alumnus

Remy Trichard (Co-Founder)

Co-founder of La French Tech
MSc Computer Science from Oxford Brookes University
Ex-Cheetah Mobile & Expert of Marketing

Peng Lei(Co-Founder & Tech Leader)

Inventor of Terark's Searchable Compression algorithms
15+ years working experience
Expert of Database & Distributed System
Co-Founder of Terark

Academic Committee & Advisors

Guojun Ma

Core Member of blockchain R&D Center of Xidian University
15+ years working experience
Expert of Blockchain & Cryptography

Qingqi Pei (Academic Director)

Director of blockchain R&D Center of Xidian University
IEEE / CIE / CCF Senior Member
CCF blockchain committee member

Guangxuan Luo (Cryptography)

Ph.D in Compute Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Post doctoral in Signal Porcessing & Cryptography, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Leon Han (Engineering)

Founder & CEO of TodayMedias
Ph.D in Management science and Engineering, Xidian University